Structural Stress Analyzer 1000

If you are experiencing *any* issues with the older version of SSA Software, you must download the newest version as this is the only version we now support.  It includes an updated manual, updated drivers, and simplifies the products use.

If you have questions on the intial setup of the machine or how to use the software; you can jumpstart by watching our two YouTube videos:
Crusher Hardware Setup
Software Overview and Use


Q: I'm having trouble installing the new software, what should I do?

A: In our testing, the installation process works flawless as long as you have full Administrator rights to install software on the PC.  Please check with your technical resources and ensure you have the correct permissions to install software.

Supported Windows versions are 7, 8, and 10.


Q: What if I can't get my COM ports to work?

A: We recommend downloading the newest version of the software (and using a serial to USB adapter if you aren't already) which will greatly simplify the COM port connections.


Q: What COM port should I select?

A: If not already done, download the newest software version.  The new version will show you only *active* COM ports (that the Crusher is plugged into) so usually there is only a single choice. If you *do* have multiple COM ports available, it means you have more devices connected that are actually using a COM port. Go to Device Manager within Windows and expand Ports (COM & LPT). You will want to find the one that says something simliar to "USB to Serial"; this will be the COM port number to use.


Q: What Serial-to-USB dongle should I buy?

A: There are many on the market that should work, we happen to use this model since we know it works well across a wide variety of Windows OS versions (


Q: Why does the graph only start plotting lines after 10lbs of force is reached?

A: Due to the limitation of gauge hardware and sensors, it cannot accurately measure force below 10 lbs.  After 10lbs is reached, it will start to plot the graph.


Q: When I start my test, it starts out at a very high force reading rather than at 10lbs or less?

A: Most likely, your test specimen is pre-loaded with weight already; ensure that you have not clamped or tightened down the specimen to the crusher column at all and has been backed off half a turn.


Q: Where can I purchase a Truss Tester?

A: We do not manufacture Truss Testers - please contact Project Lead the Way for their recommendations for purchase.


Q: What should I do if the machine is having some sort of hardware issue (LCD, buttons, erratic behavior)?

A:  Please call us and explain what is happening so we can determine the best course of action.

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