AMT was incorporated in 1983 by friends-turned-partners Steve Petronis and Dick Carusone. After filling their small workspace with traditional manual lathes, mills, and grinding equipment they saw potential in the then-new Wire EDM technology that was coming to market. One wire EDM machine turned into two, more personnel was added, and in 1988 AMT moved to a purpose built 10,000 square foot facility to house the growing enterprise.

In 1989 AMT acquired one of the very first Haas VF1 milling machines to roll off their assembly line in Sun Valley, California. More Haas machines were added over the years and now include 4 Haas VMCs and 1 Haas Lathe. Any remaining manual machines now exist mostly for legacy purposes as almost everything is made on one of our over 20 pieces of CNC equipment.

In 1992 AMT developed the 510C – a strength testing machine designed to fatigue-test bridges and towers built by students in high schools and colleges. The machine proved successful enough that in 1998 a new, more powerful unit was introduced called the Structural Stress Analyzer 1000(SSA 1000). This table top unit can test structures up to 1000 lbs and graphs the stress strain relationship on our included proprietary software. Over 3000 of these units have been sold to date.

In 2005 Dick Carusone retired and sold his half of the business to Steve Petronis. Steve continued to run the business and started to transfer responsibilities to his son Mark in 2010.

In 2013 Mark Petronis bought the company from his father.

Coming in 2015, AMT will be launching AMT Motorsport. Based on our years of machining experience we have developed high performance aftermarket parts for road racing applications. Products such as aluminum and titanium rotor hats, FIA seat brackets, and billet camera mounting equipment will soon be available through AMTMotorsport.com.

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