In 1992 AMT developed a product to measure force and deflection of structures on a small-scale basis. This product was quickly embraced by high schools, colleges, and technical schools through out the world. This machine is known as the Structural Stress Analyzer 1000 and over three thousand units have been sold to date. Through a partnership with Project Lead The Way ( AMT has developed a world wide network of dealers. The demand for this product increases every year, and AMT is proud to help nurture the growth of our nations’ future engineers and architects.

In 2012 the first prototype of a DC motor kit was developed. These are fully machined kits to be assembled by students engaged in STEM-focused learning. A curriculum was built around the project to teach the science of motors and electricity, technological and engineering uses of DC motors, and of course the complex math that can be used in electrical and horsepower calculations. The motors interface directly with LabView software to give students a powerful analytical and learning experience at their fingertips. There are now hundreds of these kits being tested in schools in the Southeasten US before a nationwide roll out is introduced.